Our "Fair Use" policy

Our Fair Use Policy forms part of our Terms and Conditions of Trade and places restrictions on how our Flat Rate internet connections may be used. If your intended use is contrary to this consider a Business Premium plan or contact us for a customised plan.

  • You may only use your connection for your own use within a single dwelling or business. You may not share with your neighbours.
  • You may not resell your connection or use it to deliver resold services.
  • You may not use your connection in conjunction with a business offering whether a charge is made or not. Examples are: accommodation (motels, campsites, etc), cafes, shared offices or multi-tenancy situations. You may, however, use it in conjunction with a BNB at your normal place of residence provided no additional charge is made.
  • If your usage is deemed to be excessive or uneconomic we reserve the right to apply limits or terminate your account.