Peering with us (ASN 24511)

We have an open peering policy and welcome expressions of interest in peering with us. We peer with the Auckland Internet Exchange route servers so if you are a participant no further action is required. We are also open to bilateral peering via PNI with companies who can connect with us at DataCentre220.

Our minimum requirements are:

  • Public AS number
  • Minimum world-routable IP block-sizes. This is /24 for IPv4 and /48 for IPv6. Longer prefixes will not be accepted.
  • A PeeringDB entry. Our listing can be found here.
  • You are a member of APNIC or other RIR and are authorised to route all prefixes you announce to us

Additional requirements for peering via PNI:

  • This is preferred for communication (VoIP, etc) service providers
  • Interface via 1Gbps or 10Gbps single-mode duplex 1310nm fibre

Once we establish a peering session with you we will BGP Local Pref traffic through this and we request you adjust your route filters to do likewise.