Internet Access

We now offer internet access for a one-stop shop for all your IT needs. We can set you up with a new connection or transfer your existing one. We do not offer free equipment nor tie you down to a term contract. If you need equipment we can supply Netcomm, Draytek or Mikrotik, depending on your budget and specific requirements. If you already have an appropriate router you can use this.

We also have landline phone service delivered over VoIP which can be bundled with internet access.

All of our plans include:

  • Local New Zealand based support
  • Public static IPv4 address
  • IPv6 (/56 by default)
  • Can be bundled with domain name hosting, email, web hosting and landline phone
  • All DSL is deployed as "naked" so you do not require a landline phone
Entry-Level Home/Business Plan
  • ADSL2+, VDSL or UFB 300/100
  • We will select the best option for your address
  • Optimal choice for users in non-UFB areas
  • Flat rate traffic (Fair use policy applies)

$85 /month incl GST

Mid-Range Home/Business Plan
  • UFB 100/100
  • Our most popular plan
  • Flat rate traffic (Fair use policy applies)

$99 /month incl GST

Best Home/Business Plan
  • UFB 950/500
  • Ideal for power users
  • Flat rate traffic (Fair use policy applies)

$119 /month incl GST

Business Premium Plan
  • VDSL or UFB
  • Bitstream 3, Bitstream 4, Hyperfibre 2000 and 4000 options available where supported
  • Optional Chorus / Ultrafast Business SLA for UFB
  • Ideal for serious users, inhouse-servers, needing customisation or who's use falls outside our fair use policy
  • Priority support
  • /48 of IPv6 included
  • Failover configuration possible
  • Optional BGP peering
  • Additional IPv4 addresses available (subject to justification) or you/us can announce your own space
  • Sponsorship to APNIC available
  • Access to ITSMon connection traffic graphs
  • Non-PPPoE bridged connection standard
  • From 500Gb traffic included
  • Server Colocation also available

from $120 /month +GST

The following connection charges apply for UFB (fibre):

  • $40.25 for a new standard residential installation or to transfer an existing connection
  • 1-month + $40.25 for a new standard business installation
  • $557.75 for Hyperfibre (new install or upgrade)
  • Additional $500 for a new MDU installation (Note this only applies if MDU is needed. In the case of an existing MDU normal charges apply)
  • Additional charges may apply for complex or custom installations as determined by the relevant LFC (Chorus, Ultrafast, etc)

and for DSL (copper):

  • $69.00 to transfer an existing connection
  • $120.75 if you have an existing working phone line or one which gives a disconnected signal (Intact pair)
  • $235.75 if you have a previously installed line which has been disconnected and there is no disconnected signal (Not-intact pair)
  • $385.25 if internal wiring or a new outlet is required
  • Additional charges may apply if external cabling at your property or in the street is required, or in the case of commercial or complex installs. Chorus will quote you this at the time and you can choose whether to proceed. The final determination of install option is made by Chorus and we pass this on.