Do you want to start your own ISP?

As an experienced small ISP operator, I can assist you to get started. There are different options and it can be confusing, especially if you don't a background in the industry. This is where I come in - to hold your hand along the way, do the tech work, and help you make sense of the different options while avoiding rookie mistakes.

There are several facets involved with starting an ISP including:

  • Virtual, Hybrid or Independent?
  • The best suppliers
  • Product and service offerings
  • Target market
  • Scalibility
It all starts with a introduction chat. This lasts half an hour, costs you nothing, and is a "get to know you". After this if you wish to proceed we will agree on the engagement. Please note, although our purpose is to make this alot easier for you, it can still be a detailed subject, therefore no advice will be provided, nor planning undertaken, until you have engaged our services.

To ensure you have the maximum chance of success it is anticipated you have a minimum financial ability of $20,000 for web hosting or $100,000 for internet access.

To schedule an introduction chat please contact us.