Our Network & Connectivity

Our primary international connectivity is through Hurricane Electric, the largest tier-1 international provider serving New Zealand, and Swoop who are one of the largest tier-1 providers based in this region. Our primary national connectivity is through the New Zealand Internet Exchange in Auckland, where we connect directly to almost every other local ISP including all the major ones, except Spark.

Our network is fully IPv6 ready and we offer IPv6 as standard to all of our clients.

As a member of APNIC we can sponsor you for your internet resources (if required) like IP addresses. We can announce your IP space or BGP peer with you depending on your needs. Our primary point of inter-connection is DataCentre220 in Auckland Central. We can co-locate your equipment in our space or connect with you via PNI if you are a tenant of theirs. Alternatively, we can provide connectivity to your location through UFB or VDSL.

Companies and major content providers whom we peer with include Akamai, Amazon, Cloudflare, Microsoft, Netflix and Hero/Bluereach. This ensures we have plenty of capacity available for the content you want to access.

Routing & Switching part of our network